Soak Your Way to Health


There is nothing like a soak in the tub at the end of a winters day, and if you add some Magnesium Chloride Flakes – you will also be detoxing plus reap a myriad of health benefits.

The skin is a highly porous membrane that both takes in minerals and eliminates toxins every day. Using Dead Sea Magnesium Chloride in a bath pulls harmful toxins out of the body and allows the magnesium to enter the body. Epsom salts can do the same thing, though using a natural form of Magnesium Chloride is much more absorbable for the body and cleaner product. Dead Sea magnesium chloride flakes are sourced from pristine mineral deposits in the Dead Sea – the deepest hyper-saline lake in the world! 

Research shows amazing benefits received from magnesium including:

Detoxifying the body from heavy metals; improvement in mood, sleep, concentration, memory and energy; balancing of the hormones; immune system enhancement; strengthening of the bones and teeth; relief of muscular and nerve pain, menstrual pain, migraine and tension headaches; effective treatment for restless legs, aches and cramping; repair of joints and ligaments; relief of arthritic pain and inflammation, stress and anxiety; lowering of blood pressure; improving blood circulation; protecting the elasticity of arteries, aiding in the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome, ADHDh and heart disease. 

A truly amazing thing! Run that bath or tub for a foot soak!

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