Up coming Xmas time, its time to think of cleaning out toxins and looking after your health ! We love Bentonite and how easy it is to use. Here’s some info:

Bentonite is formed by weathering of volcanic ash, and is therefore highly mineralized. These minerals include calcium,magnesium, silica, sodium, copper, iron, and potassium.
It has been highly valued by ancient cultures throughout the world, for its cleansing and wellbeing properties. It has negative charge, which attracts it to positive charged heavy metals and toxins. It can be used internally, or placed as a mud cream on desired locations of your body.

Benefits ?
– As a general intestine system detox, and heavy metal/ toxin remover
-As a mud cream on dermatitis, and eczema
-It draws more oxygen into cells, through removing hydrogen from them
-Alkalizes the body
-Boosts probiotic gut populations by removing toxins and heavy metals
-Useful as a baby powder substitute
-Improves health of teeth and gums



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