come and meet AIMME !

aimee.jpgAIMEE is our new smiley face at Nourish Health Food Store! She is a specialised massage therapist, with an Australian College of Natural Therapies Bachelor of Musculoskeletal Therapy  (wow, this is a handful!) to back up her mighty fine abilities. Trust us, Aimee has performed her magic on Sue, and comes out  with an absolutely fantastic review. She has a long list of credentials associated with holistic health, to back up her sound knowledge and experience in the industry. She is able to integrate with her massage, a unique form of healing, stemming from a type of color therapy. And on top of all this, we have a bubbly, friendly and humourous personality to make the occasion ever more memorable. We are so excited to have her on board. Please call in at the shop, or ring on 54556664  for an appointment. Aimee is available on Mon, Tues, and Friday.

“One rain does not make a crop ”   Creole


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