PERCY WESTON, a legend !

percys powder.jpgThis man is a truly unsung hero of the health industry. Percy was an Australian farmer, who had an amazing chemistry knowledge, fuelled by his desire as a youngster to become a chemist. He studied the effects of chemical inputs on his, and other farms, and noticed a link between these inputs and the health of  stock. He even induced illness into his wife and himself, and then treated these issues with his own balance of minerals. He wrote a very informative book, titled     ” CANCER, CAUSES AND CURES”.  This is a must read for anyone who has an interest in the subject, or just wants a really good easy read on one mans fascinating journey through life. Percy was nearly 100, and in very good shape, when a tragic tractor accident led to his passing. As so many of his field do, he battled bureaucracy to spread his message.  He first put out his very popular product, called ”CAA”,  to counter and eliminate cancer after trailing the powder on stock first, then people subjects. These results were miracles, as far as doctors were concerned. Not only did he achieve “miracle ” results with cancer, but also with arthritis and alzehiemers, as the initials in the name CAA suggest. Percys CAA, now called Percys Powder, is available instore at Nourish Health Food Store. Come in and chat to us about this wonderful product, and about Percys influence on our own life.

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