How exciting is this mighty worker of the skies and land! These guys work tirelessly every moment of sunshine, to ensure the continuation of life on this planet. Well, actually, they probably are like many people, and really underestimate the impact they have on the lifecycle of Gaia. They get up at first daylight, and work till dusk, and every day as long as the sun shines, which gives them the energy required to carry out their massive task of pollenating plants. They fly generally up to 3 kms from their hive in order to gather pollen, but have been observed flying up to 9 kms! They gather the pollen in little balls, and travel with it stacked in little saddle packs on their legs. The bees that gather the pollen are called foragers, and they do not eat the pollen themselves. Instead, they bring it back to the hive, where it is stacked into cells, between the brood and honey, and becomes the main food source for the larvae and worker bees. During the collection process, the pollen is mixed with nectar and bee saliva.  Now here is a cool fact, scientist have broken down the pollen into its individual compounds, and synthetically  replicated it. Then, when it is feed to the bees, they die! There is an added ingredient (or energy) that is not scientifically identified…. Mother nature at her best ( so be very wary of the new synthetic honey now out there! ). The bees are actually carrying out a double operation, firstly to make a food source in the form of pollen, and secondly to pollenate vegetation. Bees are thought to be responsible for approx. 80% of all green growing things. WOW, what a responsibility!! And there’s more, as one teaspoon of pollen takes one bee, working 8 hrs a day, one full month to gather. And this same teaspoon has over 2.5 billion grains of flower pollen, nearly one grain for every two people on this mighty planet.

So, what’s it great for?? Well, it consists of approx. 35-4o% protein ( higher than beef), and 55% carbs. It contains almost all of the nutrients required by the human to survive! It is vitamin, mineral, lipid, and bioflavonoid stacked, and is a fantastic viral, bacterium and fungal killer. It is an anti-inflammatory, energy enhancer, and skin soother. It is a fantastic antioxidant. The respiratory system benefits immensely, especially in asthmatics. It reduces the presence of histamine, helping treat allergies. Its a great digestive aid, having lots of beneficial enzymes, complimentary to our stomachs. and its a great help to our immune system, by providing natural antibodies.

And the best way to take?  Take a spoonful with your smoothy in the morning, or with fruit in the evening. And lastly, the pollen has a lot more ” power” than honey. Yes, honey too is awesome, but pollen contains many more compounds for our benefit.

WOW bees, we owe you big time!!



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