vikkiA really big welcome to Vikki, our new in store Holistic helper. Vikki has her own special modality of helping balance one’s soul, enlighten the spirit, and lift your energy level to a new height !! Years of experience in soul work has put Vikki in a unique position to help those seeking some soul respite. We feel so privileged to have her wonderful gift working with the team at Nourish Health Food Store.  Vikki is available for consultations on Mondays. Just call in and make a time.

Complimenting Vikki on Monday, we have Sue working from the back room on Tuesday, carrying out her soul matters through a series of different styles, fed by spirit guidance.  On Thursday, we have Kathy in store, who has a great following of  many thankful clients. Kathys mediumship/ clairvoyance is well known and very respected  as being concise and accurate, winning her many accolades far and wide. And then along on Friday,  Aimee brings her wonderful massage and  colour therapy treatments. Now there’s no need to feel a bit blue, down, stressed or curious about life, as this magnificent team has the field covered  to kick you well and truly into touch !!!

So if you havent already, treat your spirit to a truly wholesome time with one, or all, of these gifts from the universe of love.

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