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WOW!! Its April already,  the rains and wind have arrived, and the days are rapidly getting darker…But don’t panic, because at Nourish Health Food Store, we have just what you need to get you through this time fit and healthy. Starting with Alison, our in store Naturopath, who is available on Wednesdays for consultation on all matters relating to health. We have all modalities covered to keep you feeling 100% !!  From HEALTHY ESSENTIALS, herb based and naturally sourced organic form remedies,  BUSH FLOWER ESSENCE and BACH FLOWER REMEDIES ( don’t forget our specialist in these fields, Naturopath ALISON SIMPSON ) , KIWIHERB, products developed for herbal healthcare, using a mix of cultural, traditional and modern knowledge, FUSION, a blend of the best western and herbal remedies, BLOOMS, the best of  western technology, and many more brands . We buy bulk in many lines, and bag off to bring to you the benefit of bulk prices. We are small in comparison to many operators, but our enthusiasm and knowledge base is up with the field !! If we don’t have the answer, or product, we will source it for you !! 

Now for some winter health tips. Use VITAMIN C as a great immune booster, cold cough deterrent, and general all round great boy in the wellness field.                                                   Then there’s COLLIODAL SILVER, the friend to call on when you feel symptoms of unwellness beginning.  It will hit the virus, fungus, bacterium and other nasties by suffocating the cell with oxygen, creating an aerobic environment for the anaerobic loving pathogen. Checkout why Royalty always ate of silver, they new the value of this mighty fine mineral..                                                                                                                                               And this mighty popular fellow, who goes by the name of NIN JIOM PEI PA KOA. What a name to remember, but you don’t have to …  Just come in and ask for the famous cough and throat formula, that’s made in Hong Kong, and we will know what you’re after!! This guy has really started moving of the shelves again, as good folk start getting their winter remedies in the home again.

So call and see the lovely ladies at NOURISH HEALTH FOOD STORE, and make the most of their expertise, to ensure to don’t end up down with any winter ills.

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