What a truly big subject, that we push aside from so often. From depression, to anger, to lifes blues, to complacency. And most touching, when one passes over from there own hand. I don’t want to get into the nitty gritty of the subject on this page, but mental wellness is paramount to great health and wellbeing. So often, it can be linked to nutrition, lifestyle and societal expectations. If you, or a friend, are feeling a bit, or a lot, along these lines, call in and see ALISON !  Alison is our in store ( on Wednesdays)  specialist NATUROPATH and BACH FLOWER  essence practitioner. She has an enormous wealth of experience, and compassion to back her reputation as one of the finest in the field !! Currently, we have a special 20/20  deal going.


So pop on in, or ring the store for and appointment, and gift to your spirit a special treat with ALISON


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