What’s a spleen/lymph gland/ liver ??? Immune system in layman terms

To fully appreciate your bodies’ immune system it is useful to know which organs contribute to your own healthy immune function. The following is a biomedical view but also take into consideration your emotional  status ( stress/ happiness/ levels both physically and spiritually). The E( emotional) factor is the overriding cause of immune dys-function.

1. Lymph nodes ( filters lymph fluid – lymph fluid consists of water picked up from body tissues, proteins and debris ). This is why exercise and massage is very helpful for lymphatic drainage, to remove the debris

2. Spleen ( immune filter of blood, in particular blood born pathogens and the spleen assists iron metabolism). Iron is very important in the inflammation process.

3. Bone marrow and Thymus ( where lymphocytes are created/ matured ). Lymphocytes help remove unwanted viruses or bacteria that has entered our body. Bone marrow is also where the valuable stem cells come from.

4. Tonsils and Adenoids ( are the first line of defense and are made up of lymph tissue). These glands swell (inflammation)  when they are doing their job correctly. Sore throats are the first sign to take action.

5. Appendix,  (stores ”good bacteria ” Probiotics being a reserve for beneficial gut flora ).

6. Mucosal lining of the digestive tract ( the mucosal boundary of the digestive tract is home to lymphocytes, macrophages and other cells belonging to the immune system ).

As you can see, there are many organs involved and are essential in supporting your immune system.

Kindly written up by our Naturopath, ALISON SIMPSON, who is in store for consults each Wednesday

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