FREE pH TEST !!! and info as well


Ask any farmer, ” Whats the most important part of soil health?” and the answer will nearly always be  “The pH” .  So why is it not the same for human health? Well it is, and those of us that have been physically sick, and have had natural health treatment, will tell you exactly that. I have been a great supporter of the pH theory, since a homeopath fixed my organophosphate poisoning 30 years ago, after 10 years of suffering at the hands of my own doing ( I wont open that can of worms today) …   I also was opened to the importance of our acid/ alkalinity balance, and was well aware of the dire consequences on my own well being, when my pH dropped. I recently read an article refuting this information, and want to tell how important it was to my own health comeback. In the soil and beings, as the pH ( potential of hydrogen) drops, and the environment becomes acidic, it is harder for many minerals and nutrients to become available to us, and some, like aluminium ( the nasty boy !!) , become even more available. We need to keep our cellular pH at a level around 7.3 – 7.45. Our body does a good job at maintaining this in a normal environment, but with todays methods of growing food faster, and more condensed, we are open to a much less mineral balanced diet, making this assimilation of ph balancing harder. Sometimes we need a hand at bringing our pH up, and things like lemon and honey drinks, apple cider vinegar, alkalised water, magnesium (many different forms), and baking soda and maple syrup mix are great ways to do this. The chance of being to alkaline rarely happens. The choice of foods at an acidic high time is also really important. The risk of infections, virus’s and illness when your pH is down increases greatly, as the level drops. For me, I have indigestion, get mouth ulcers, and sinus infections when my level drops slightly. I have been monitoring my levels for a long time now, and I unreservedly push the value of a healthy pH. We have a 30 sec, painless method of measuring your level, FOR FREE !!, in the shop. We just need to try to do it early morning before eating, which is not easy, or at least several hours after a meal. The results are quite astounding ! We also have the information to pass on to you in store. OOOOHH, and don’t forget to ask us about the newly available ALKALISED water

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