sunrise Kandanga

These guys are our basis of healing and repairs in our body. Basically, our body cells keep on replacing themselves on a regular basis ( its called angiogenesis). The organs primarily involved here are your skin, liver, lungs, digestive tract, and certain parts of your brain. Like road workers, when there’s a pot hole, or verge damage, the cells in that organ get out the repair kit and replace the damaged section. And like the road itself, the whole road or organ is over a period of time constantly replaced. Most organs have specific cells within there own structure which are programmed only to replace that particular organ ( like concrete for the footpath, bitumen for the seal, and gravel for the base ). However, this is where the back up of stem cells comes in. Stem cells can replicate any cell required ! Unreal ! They are made in the bone marrow, and stored until a signal is sent out from a damaged, or aged part of the body, that needs replaced, and is having a job with its own workers, as they are off on a smoko break. The marrow releases the stem cells to carry out the repair a lot faster than the original workers, and get the body back in roadworthy condition. Unfortunately, as we age, at around 25, we grow a sugar compound with acts like a glue in our marrow, and slows down the release of these cells. This is where the CERULE stem cell comes in. It is 100% natural algae, found in a high altitude fresh water lake in the USA, and it has the ability to weaken the “glue”, and allow a full release of stem cells back into our body for major and minor repair jobs. They are just fantastic for issues with arteries, diabetes, bone breakages, liver, gut issues, brain, and many more problems. We have information in store to help you more with this newly revamped product, so call in and ask one of our friendly staff about our CERULE STEM CELL products

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