Dr Scheusslers Cell Salts

A well respected scientist called Rudolph Virchow, set the ball rolling when he discovered, more than 100 yrs back, that the human body is made up of a mass of tiny, living cells. Each one of these cells is made of of three classes of materials – water, organic matter ( such as sugar and fatty substances), and inorganic matter. These classes are in perfectly balanced ratios with each other.
Upon analysing the ash residue of human cells, Dr William Schuessler found they contain 12 inorganic salt compounds ( inorganic meaning mineral, from the earth or soil). These 12 salt compounds are in much smaller quantities than the water and organic classes, but are really critical to the health and well being of the person. If the ratios of the 12 salts are out of balance (with both each other salt and the other 2 classes), then the body cannot carry out its rebuilding process in its normal fashion, which in turn gives rise to disorder and disease in the body. According to Dr Schuessler, these salt imbalances within the cells can easily be brought back into balance by adding the salt, which is deficient, back into the cell. The most efficient method of carrying out this operation, is to administer homeopathically the required salt compound. Homeopathics is a form of concentrated (and very small sized) particles which cross the cell membrane (or wall) easily, and which in turn gives a rapid rebalance of the deficient mineral. Hence the name given to the pills is Cell Salts!
I know from personal experience the value and effectiveness of these cell salts. They were vital in getting my health back from the poisoning I gave myself when using chemicals while farming, many years back. Our staff are well versed in the use of, and the correct choice of, these cell salts. So call in and check out our fully stocked shelves of these wee beauties, and see our large range of books and guides regarding the same !

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