A little about our background. Sue and I hail from the deep south of NZ. While farming for ten years, I became very ill with severe headaches, vomiting, rapid temp changes and many more symptoms. I spent 7yrs with 9 different Dr’s, and many hospital stays, to be told it was chronic fatigue syndrome, M.E., my head space (for real!), and Tapanui flu. I was using a lot of chemicals on the farm, under strong guidance from professional consultants, and that was never looked at. Eventually, I went to a homoeopath, who spent a very short time with me, and he said he could fix me. He wired me up to an apparatus that measured my energy resistance internally, and gave me the goodies to take. Cell salts and other stuff, like aloe vera juice and boron, zinc. Within ten weeks, I was a lucky one, as I got my health back, not like three others at the time (with the same symptoms) who took theirs. So, after leaving the farm, I began to read and ask lots of questions, which lead me to believe (I now have absolutely no doubt) that I had organophosphate poisoning. This led Sue and I, along with our two children, to growing our own veggies by totally organic means, and adjusting our diet accordingly. My health improved beyond my greatest expectations. I was involved in making soil conditioning products, and consulting on biological farming systems before coming here last year, to be closer to our two children, and their spouses. We love the Sunshine Coast, and especially its folk. Our goal is to share what we have learnt, through knowledge and Sue modalities of soul nurturing. We are so very grateful for the welcome we have received, and the loyalty of our clients since coming here to Nourish Health Food Store. Your stories, friendship, and gifts of knowledge are a true blessing in these very fast times. So please, feel free to come and “chill out” at our cool store, and meet up with our wonderful team for a refreshing look on this truly fantastic journey we call life!

” Life always offers you a second chance, its called tomorrow “


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