happy sunWell, well , well !!! and lots of wellness your way.

Its spring time, and study time, which means to many, hay fever, allergies and study stress. OWENS homeopathics are a very effective and cheap way to combat your spring issues. Attention to giving your dear liver a spring cleanse is a good start. Limit your dairy and refined starches intake to reduce mucous production, and consider  supplements such as Vitamin C and A, bioflavonoids ( which come in several of our Vit C stocks ) and zinc.  OWENS have a HAY FEVER  combination, which specifically targets hay fever. It contains remedies such as Allium 6c, Sabadilla 6c, Euphrasia 6c, Pollens 12c, and tissue salts.

And as for the study ( which I found out many years after leaving school, never actually stops!) stress, OWENS also offer a mighty fine product. A healthy diet which avoids foods that contribute to unstable sugar levels, is essential for starters. Try and avoid alcohol, coffee, chocolate and refined sugar products. Digesting these foods depletes our vitamin and mineral supplies leaving us feeling increasingly lethargic, headachy and irritable. They also remove valuable magnesium from our powerhouse (the brain), which makes memory recall and storage more difficult.  Try to snack on nuts, seeds, and dried fruit as a healthy alternative to sugar fixes. Drink plenty of water, and soothing herbal teas. Supplement again with Vit C, B, magnesium calcium and potassium.

And so, the mighty fine help from OWENS comes in the form of many options, including Aconite, Arsenicum, Calci phos, Nat mur, Nux vomica and a few others. Come in and talk to our friendly, and trained team as to what best suits you

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