A book review


Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, co authors

First published in 1989

Companion book to SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS, by same authors

This is one of my very favourite reads of all time. It is a must read for anyone involved in agriculture, and a truly exciting and thoroughly knowledgeable literature on life in general. From explaining Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamic principles, Machaelle Small Wrights Perlandra wonderland of gardening and principles, Peter and Eileen Caddys Findhorn establishment in Scotland, to the Hunzas in the Karakoram, where they live with no disease and have average lifespans of well over 100 years ( that may be different now that the Western world has discovered this ancient culture, in 1984). The book is full of real useful information, and is written in genuine layman terms. The information, some of which is well outside mainstream science thinking, is so interesting, and easy to understand. They talk in detail of plant consciousness, plant interrelationships with each other and the earth, animal consciousness, birdsong music, mineral requirements and sources, magnetic fields and their effects, glacial water and the important difference it presents over “ normal” water and so much more!! This book is just so full of surprises, and moments of OMG. These fine men give us details on how to deal with earth issues affecting us currently, and those that will affect our next generations to come. I cannot rate this book high enough, as since reading it nearly 17 years back, I still talk most fondly of my excitement as I received the useful information the authors share. The only part I didn’t enjoy, was having the experience end !

s life of plants

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