And next to show a wonderful modality is Jim, who wishes (with our utmost blessings) to share the very rare TARA RAY machine. Also known as the VIOLET RAY, the device was invented by, yep you guessed it, no other than our hero NIKOLA TESLA! in 1890.

The device works via a TESLA coil, which generates a very high (and regulatable) voltage, high frequency, and low current (amperage) to the body, via a glass vacuum tube. It was extremely popular in medical worlds, however, as happened so often under Morris Fishbeins’ AMA dictatorial leadership, the product was recalled in America, and production was outlawed. The order was out to destroy all information, plans and of course, the machines themselves… Luckily, the USA was pretty well the only country to adopt this action, in our free world…. Enough said.   So, if you get the chance, give JIM a call ( actually a txt  is better, as he’s very remote), and come and check this mighty machine. To be fair, the machine is half the journey, as Jim is such a well versed, knowledgeable man with a myriad of skills, and he will delight your soul with wonderful life stories and information, gathered from his life of investigation.

MPROVE Your Health and Happiness

‘Tara Ray’ High Frequency Energy Machine

Beneficial Results Include:

SAFE PAIN RELIEF; eases bone discomfort/stiffness; improves body

energy flows; positive effect on eliminating sores, pathogens, virus,

bacteria, yeasts and internal molds; NO TOXIC ‘side-effects’; does

NOT harm healthy cells of organs; INCREASES energy, vitality

and overall health and well-being; NOT addictive or harmful;

ALL types of warts and moles have been safely removed in 2 to 3

treatments; improves sleep patterns and insomnia; NON-INVASIVE

and QUICK !!!

Tuesdays at Shop by appointment please: 0412 887174 (text best)

Basic Treatment: $20 Multiple Treatments recommended


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