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Unreal, honey! Guess what? In the USA, more than 60% of honey sold is not honey. It is made from sugar or corn syrups, with additives and coloring. Yep, it looks and tastes like honey, and is slightly cheaper, but alas, it doesn’t last 5000 years like the real McCoy… and it most certainly doesn’t have the health benefits like antioxidants, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, flavonoids, nutrients and much more. And then there’s protein packed bee pollen. It takes one bee one month, eight hours a day, to gather one teaspoon of pollen.  This pollen is gathered from the male flower seeds, and is mixed with enzymes from the bee’s saliva to make small balls. This is stored in the hive, and used as the main food source for both the honey bee larvae, and the workers. Scientists have reproduced this as well, and when the synthetic pollen is feed to the bees, they die! And, to add insult, it certainly doesn’t contain nearly every element of the periodic table (including Gold) like real honey. Some “organic” marketed honey is actually a blend of Australian honey, with Turkish, Chinese and Indian sourced synthetics blended in!! Support our wonderful Australian Bee-keepers, and treat your great self to this natural, health-packed, nutritious, mineral rich, awesome tasting and everlasting gem. Bee vigilant, and don’t get stuck with second grade nonsense… Talk to our friendly staff about the big benefits of these fantastic products.

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