Bi Carb of Soda and Aluminium

bi carb soda


There is no added aluminium in Bicarb of soda!!! Aluminium is present naturally in soils, and in rather large amounts, generally around 250-600ppm. I have seen soil tests where it is 2000ppm, pretty bad at that level! So, the aluminium level in the bicarb soda is naturally occurring, and is recorded at less than 1pmm, and may not even be present. Our Bicarb of soda is mined from a dry lake bed residue, know as trona ore. Most of the commercial mines are in the USA. It is confusing, as the baking powder can have aluminium added in order to slow down the leavening action of the powder. However, the poor old bicarb has no such additive, and is completely safe to consume.


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