essiac teaThis much sought after blend, from the old Indian ( Ojibwe tribe ) Medicine Mans knowledge and later refined and brought to the western world by  Canadian nurse Rene Caisse, is now on our shelves!! Another amazing story, like Percy Weston’s, of how ancient wisdom and health knowledge uses plant/ herbal sources to conquer some of our most common terminal illnesses, and yet fought by the medical institutions. Rene was fortunately backed by many Doctors who witnessed not only her own “miraculous” recovery and health turnaround, but also many, many other patients she treated.  She teamed up with Dr Charles Brusch in 1922, and together they formulated the herbal mixture and studied it in a laboratory setting. After many success stories went public, the mainstream medical/ pharmaceutical people came snooping. They spread rumours about health risks associated with the consumption of the now known Essiac tea formula. They pulled in the weight of Morris Fishbeins FDA (surprise surprise), who then recommended that the tea not be used for cancer treatment, on the premise that it is not “generally recognized as safe”… uummm , well, Joe public voted, and after a petition         ( containing over 55000 signatures!!! ) the FDA allowed Caisse to continue her practice. The formula is four herbs, Sheep Sorrel, Burdock root, slippery Elm, and Turkish rhubarb root, combined in a well researched formula for optimal effect. Interesting, as sheep’s sorrel was considered a weed on the farm, and an indicator of low pH. Burdock was cursed for its spinney flower, and considered a real problem, and yet I often witnessed stock eating it. Also interesting was the fact that it would grow in the harshest, driest clay spots, protecting the very exposed ground ( where next to nothing else would grow).


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