MAN ALIVE! Is this guy a big player or what?? Most of us associate H202 with turning our hair blonde, but what a big diversion from what this mighty fine product is best at. So many people come into the store and tell us their uses, from drinking for various illnesses (very diluted) with fantastic results! to treating mould, acne, removing stains, colonic, ear infections and wax removal, plant grow enhancer, sinus infection, toothache, neutralise preservatives in wine by adding a couple of drops in glass, yeast infections and sooo much more.  We have lots of info in store on this. H202 is made of pure distilled water and oxygen only, and its the oxygen that is the key, as its role is to fight off viruses, foreign invaders, bacteria and the likes. We can live for months without food, or days without water, however we can only survive minutes without oxygen! Did you know that rain water is a natural form of h2o2? and that’s one of the reasons it has such noticeable better growing results over ground water on plants.  Our peroxide is a pure food grade, and is made here in S.E. QLD, from distilled water. Be wary of pharmaceutical grade products, as they contain toxic stabilizers such as phenacetin, sodium stannate, acetanilide and others to preserve shelf live, which is kinda ironic as h2o2 will not deteriorate unless exposed to sunlight or the air, and then it purely just breaks down. So, keep this guy in mind next time your shopping for an inexpensive and highly versatile all-rounder for both our well-being and the home

“Seize the moment. Remember those women on the ‘Titanic’ who waved off the dessert cart”

   Emma Bombeck


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