BORAX, what a beauty!!!



Arthritis? Bone and Joint pains? Candida? Gout? Fluoride removal, heavy metal and toxin removal, household cleaner and so much more from this soooo essential mineral, known commonly as boron. This guy is a key player in allowing elements ( particularly calcium) to be assimilated and utilized in the body. Picture your body as a truck, then the fuel to get it going is boron. You can have 65 tonne of bulk waiting to move and do its job, but with a small weight of fuel, you will literally go no where. You can have all the supplements, best of food, and live wholesome, but without a small amount of boron, you will suffer consequences… unfortunately, boron/ borax have suffered the same industrial revolution as most minerals, and are mostly now synthetically produced. I wont go into the pro’s and con’s of the difference between natural vs synthetic, but I will say the best way for healthy assimilation of minerals and vitamins is through good organic/ natural food grown in well balanced soils. Sometimes, however, this is not always possible, and so some elements like boron, selenium and zinc, are deficient, and therefore require a ”top up” in our body. Our new BORAX is 100% natural, and is great used as an additive to foot spa and bath. It was once taken extensively orally, but Australian regulatory authorities have since banned its oral use. So if any of the symptoms above sound familiar, this may well be a great option to better health !

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