Soil,plants and people -simply…


WOW, it is estimated that at least 2000 different species of plant seeds are in every square meter of soil, just waiting on the right conditions to germinate! These conditions are primarily Ph, nutrient availability, and moisture. The plants that grow are soil health “indicators”. It’s interesting that as the soil health deteriorates, the harshness of the plant increases, to where weak soils will have woody, unpalatable plants with deep roots that will rapidly go deep down and bring up nutrients to the surface. They grow fast, and often are protected by nature with thorns and toxins. They will drop lots of leaves, which help replenish the topsoil. As the soil health lifts, the plants turn from harsh carbohydrate plants (trees etc) to digestible protein rich guys, like grasses, legumes and clovers.  Our body is no different! Except we don’t grow plants, but develop illness, and health issues indicating nutrient deficiencies, or toxic excess’s. Our body can give messages, like craving for salt or water. It will isolate intruders, and expel unwanted guys (e.g. heavy metals). Sometimes, however, the workload becomes too great, and so we need to give it a hand by adding nutrients, detoxing unwanted toxins, and changing what we ae putting into our diet.  We have a range of real top quality natural sourced products at NOURISH HEALTH FOOD to help with this body balance, and great personal advice to back up as well. So, call in and see the team at TEWANTIN PLAZA for assistance

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