MIGHTY MSM (Sulphur)

msmWhat a mighty, tireless worker SULPHUR is in our body, and how little recognition it gets! ARTHRITIS ? MUSCLE DAMAGE? STRESS? LEAKY GUT? YEAST INFECTIONS? LOW ENERGY?  ALLERGIES and ASTHMA? POOR DIGESTION? Do these familiar issues ring a bell? Well along with many more uses, MSM may well be what you’re looking for. It’s also a free radical fighter, slowing down the cell oxidation process. It helps make cell membranes more permeable, allowing the release of toxins/ heavy metals to occur easier, a must for any detox process. It’s a big player in the process of moving nutrients and liquids (rehydrating) throughout our body.

We have a new supplier of the fantastic mineral MSM, to complement our existing product. This range is very cost competitive ( at around 20-30 cents per day!), and is totally organic/ naturally sourced, being plant-based ( even MSM is being mostly synthetically manufactured..)  Sulfur is the 4th most plentiful mineral in our body, but unfortunately through modern growing and processing practices, does not come through the food chain as well as it used to, leaving most people deficient. 




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