MONSANTO / BAYER MERGER, food for thought ……

IMG_3434Open up news feeds, and what do you get? “Meghan Markle” , “Married at first sight”, “Kardashians”, ” top sportsman going to rehab, Steve Smith drinking alone in NY, and a bit of political commentary … WHAT about the really BIG announcement of the (Aus $88 BILLION!!) merger between MONSANTO and BAYER !!!! Crickey, not a skerrick of a mention, on either radio, tv or the papers… Unreal, you have to go to the internet, or “alternative” feeds to get the info here. The repercussions of this business transaction for anyone who grows, or eats food are enormous, in my thoughts. It pretty well puts 61% of the global seeds  and pesticides in the control of three companies – BAYER, DOWDUPONT, and CHEMCHINA. I don’t want to push any personal agendas here, but purely bring about an awareness  as to this big, big announcement which seems to be overshadowed by tv reality shows and sportsmen misdemeanors… Check why the name MONSANTO is clearly going to be dropped (you’ll know why if you’ve heard of agent orange, epidemic Indian farmer suicides, and many other scandals), and why American farmers in particular are so worried about the monopolizing effect of this merger. Also, what implications it will have on how food will be grown, by squeezing out average small farms in favour of large corporate mono culture practices – check out the 150,000 small farmers forced off their land between ’96 and ’08 due to gm soy introduction in Argentina. Yes, it’s already happening, but this will accentuate it….  It is said that the need for more agriculture production to “feed the world” is a key driver behind the coglomerates move to combine. How about addressing the current wastage of fine food, because it doesn’t meet with expected color, shape or size required by the supermarket chain stores, and thus is dumped (with no emphasis on nutritional value). Or the large dumping/ storage in order to buffer  the supply / demand price-fixing??  Lots of evidence of that lately. I remember being told about 10 years back by a big commercial vegetable grower that he anticipated a harvest of between 25 to 30% yield of what he sowed. The rest was hoed back in as green manure.  And this is common practice. I am no scientist, but after hearing as a child of the dangers of mercury in fish we eat, I wondered why we had amalgam fillings inserted into our dental cavities, two inches away from our precious cerebellum? And as a soil consultant, I appreciate the damage to soil and human health aluminium does, so why is it accepted as a free-flowing agent in so many processed foods? and in so much of our non-natural healthcare products, where it is so liberally sprayed and wiped over our skin pores for absorption?? So check out the merger, and be aware of all sides to what’s going on with our very precious food chain.

“Treat the earth well, for it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you from your children. We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”         American Indian proverb, from unknown tribe

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