Another exciting shipment of these highly charged, attractive looking and very functional Gems has just landed on our shelves again. And we are just so pleased with the quality and affordability once more.  Quartz (all types) amethyst, tigers eye, gaia stones, obsidian, tourmaline, lapis, fluorite, aventurine and sooo much more!!! So pop in to NOURISH HEALTH FOOD STORE, at Tewantin Plaza and catch up with Sue, Alison and Dee and see for yourself.

Normally I like to put a small American Indian quote here, but today I will mention the infamous Geronimo, who surrendered to the new American authorities on this day 132 yrs back. He has such an inspirational story, from standing up to the Mexicans who slaughtered his wife and children, and defending his rights against the new American arrivals who constantly attacked him and his fellow-men. The new folk took their land, food sources, and “freedom” by putting them onto reserves, restricting their respected natural wandering to sustain their life in a coexistence with all nature. He was a medicine man of great dignity, and highly respected by “both sides”. This is not a them against us story, but simply an appreciation of how good we have it, in comparison to many before us.  Appreciate, and be grateful.   Namaste

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