The world currently grows enough food for approx. 11 billion people, with a current pop. of nearly 8 billion. The rest is wasted, or in most cases dumped to keep the supply/ demand system of pricing in place. Just look at Australia’s tomatoes and strawberry issues this year, fruit storage centre’s and grain dumping used to keep inflated prices, to verify this statistic. Not to mention the only 30% usable yield from commercial vegetable production, and the domestic throw-out of ”scraps”. The issue of glyphosphate is very emotional for many, and having had organophosphate poisoning through my own farming practices, I am able to appreciate the implications of the toxins we put into our bodies first hand ( I poisoned myself through lack of responsibility, and ignorance at the time). However, I don’t carry a crusade against the issue, as I feel the best form of defence is firstly some knowledge, then careful choosing of your food suppliers (for what you can’t grow yourself). Get to know your grower of healthy spray/ synthetic fertilizer  free veges by buying from them direct at your local farmer market. Sue and I so love catching up with our growers each week.  Choose local bee products. Support your local dairy farmer i.e  The GRATEFUL COW Co, and CLEOPATRA’S Bath milk, who stood up to the big chain stores and provide a fantastic healthy option. Grow silverbeet, strawberries, peppers etc in pots , if you don’t have a garden. Use seawater ( 1pt to 5pts fresh water as an insecticide, 1pt to 10pts freshwater as a fertilizer) on your plants. Use any household scraps, lawn clippings etc to make as much compost as possible ( 1pt brown to 3pts green is a good ratio).  Get animal manure, blood and bone, and dolomite to add to garden and compost. Sugar, or powdered molasses will feed biology in both garden and compost. Use vinegar and salt as herbicides, or even hand weed for compost, or just hoe in your garden. Also just as important as what you put in your body, is who you “hang out” with externally. Choose positive, fun friends to spend time with, and share laughter. Get outside walking. Get sun on your skin. Breathe in the fresh air provide by Gaia for free! And then the big legal rich making, arguments around proof, science, who’s right, who’s wrong, you can safely use, you can’t use because it’s law, it doesn’t harm you, we cant grow food without it, and all the other nonsense  won’t matter any more – remember DDT…..The choice is firmly in our own hands ! We don’t need laws to tell us what we can or cannot put in our body. Vote with your feet. And like our picture bloke, relax….

The choice is firmly in our own hands ! We don’t need laws to tell us what we can or cannot put in our body. Vote with your feet.


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