It’s amazing to watch the sun come up, then go down. But does it really happen, or is this just an illusion, as really, the sun is a stationary object, and doesn’t move at all. We revolve around it!! Peoples perception of truth, or near truth, is so different to each others reality. I’m reading a book on indigenous history, and it explains how a NSW community kept their history alive for thousands of years by having 4 story tellers for each event, each with a shadow teller. As the history is told, each of the four entrusted tellers has to be present, and recall different parts of the event. This way, the history is checked four times over for accuracy ! So different to the Chinese whisper… I have been reading about Christopher Columbus recently, who I was taught was a hero who discovered America. So what about the inhabitants who were already there, and Viking Eriksson 500 years before? And did he really get to the mainland, or just sail around the Caribbean? And even worse, what about his human rights record (cutting people’s hands off for not gathering enough gold for him)??   We all believe what we think is correct (and usually taught to us at a young age), but sometimes experience teaches us different, and we have to “about tach”. This is growth. Health is similar. Disease, like weeds on our farm and garden, is an indicator something is out of kilter. Nature doesn’t lie. If we get to the source, then the fixing of the disease becomes a lot simpler.  We get asked regularly what supplements we take, and what benefit  can natural food have over chemical food? For Sue and I, the proof is in our health turn-around, and the fact we haven’t  been to Doctor for 20 years, except for broken bones (me), and workplace medical requirements. That’s our truth.  As for suppliments, we take Epsom salts ( for magnesium and Sulphur), and boron, for bone health. The rest comes from our healthy, beautiful growers at the farmers markets, who supply wholesome, chemical free food for our bodies delight!

“Give man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Give him a fishing rod, and he will eat forever..”

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