IMPORTANT IMFORMATION RE YOUR CHOICE TO HEALTH CARE ! Health fund rebate SCANDAL The Government is banning Private Insurance health fund rebates for complementary medicine practitioners As a registered Naturopath it has been brought to my attention the blatant new policy that has been passed by our government recently to BAN health fund rebates for Naturopathy and other complementary medicine practitioners. This Government BAN commences 1/4/19. Some insurance companies are starting this BAN 1/1/19. This iron fist to stamp out complementary medicine is not going to work in Australia. We are smarter than the Government think we are. This BAN has been pushed through by big pharma, who control our Government policies (currently). Big Pharma does not want complementary medicine practitioners to be the preferred health course people take. We need to back lash this policy. Talk to your local members of parliament to take some action. I have watched over the years how orthodox medicine has looked over the fence into complementary medicine fields to see how our philosophies work. We now have orthodox medicine using our ideas and presenting them to the ‘world’ as new ways they have just discovered that improve health outcomes. For example, offering nutrition or exercise advice for obesity and mental health. GPs offer six monthly or yearly health check ups to check in with patient’s overall wellbeing. This is what we do as Naturopaths at EVERY consultation. Big Pharma looks to homeopathy for answers too. Big pharma has recently announced a new treatment for high blood pressure patients that involves taking very small doses (like homeopathy) of several BP medications combined, that offer a very good outcome (with no side effects), as opposed to their old views of just upping a dosage or doubling medications (with too many side effects). I’m feeling Big Pharma want to take over our complementary medicine fields, re-naming and re-packaging them for their own greed and power. What does this mean for the complementary medicine industry? Our registration bodies, mine being Australian Traditional Medicine Society and others will no longer be required. The continuing education points registered practitioners need to maintain yearly will no longer be offered, as our educational system will fail to thrive. Some colleges have closed their doors already. Complementary medicine insurance providers will no longer be required. Employment for complementary medicine industry may dissolve over night unless we fight for our rightful place in your community. For myself, I will continue to offer Naturopathy care for my community, with or without Government legislation. It is my duty. I’m certainly looking forward to the coming elections. Alison Simpson, Naturopath at Nourish Health Food Store, Tewantin : 0487 345774

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