WOW, made right here in Queensland, this new family owned and made product is just the berries. It’s completely clean, with no-nonsense added. Just good old NATURAL ACETIC ACID (food acid), 100% ESSENTIAL OILS, and COCO BETAIN (surfactant made from coconuts).  And as with all new products, before we take on board, Sue (and some great friends) gives them the big trail at home. These guys come out massive winners, so now they are on the NOURISH HEALTH FOOD STORE shelf. And the bonus is, buy one product ( there is 8 in their range), and go in to win a FULL HAMPER OF “MY HABITAT” GOODIES !! These products were developed by researching what people used before the dynasty of petro-chemicals filled our cupboards, and doctors waiting rooms with ill people. The return to basics has not compromised any efficiency in the effectiveness of hygiene, and has given us a totally unique and safe to use product, both on beings and the environment!! Did you know the average household cleaners contain some, or all, of the following?? Chlorine, phenols, petroleum distillates, ammonium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, formaldehyde, sodium laurel sulphate, sodium hypochlorite, methoxychlor, naphthaline, trichloroethane… and more.. Why are these ingredients not advertised as selling points, and why are they in small print on the back?? Goes without saying…. Anyway, here is a really cost-effective, competitive and natural product that will be all you will ever want and need. Well done to KIM and GORDON, for creating such a fantastic product for our wellbeing.

” Behold the turtle, for he makes progress only when he sticks his neck out” 

James Conant

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