MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL !! And great health to you

shop detox xmas.jpg

Treat yourself special this CHRISTMAS, and enjoy a fun filled and healthy time ! And don’t forget to treat your health as well… This is a great time to do a gentle, or full on detox. Its also a time when many need the “pick me up” tonic, and we have lots of options for all aspects of health fitness NATURALLY, from diatomaceous and bentonite heavy metal removals, to Vitamin, nutrient and mineral replenishment for our tired and hard worked body and mind. Come in and talk to our experts – Sue, Alison (naturopath) and Pete, and get what you require to effectively, and economically, get you back on your feet and running full noise again!! And don’t forget our wonderful in-store clairvoyant Kathy McVann, who helps so many with her amazing gift.  Salt lamps galore, crystals, cool new clothing, new and pre-loved books, incense, organic food/ grocery items, proteins, personal and house care products and many more amazing surprises instore.

“It is health that is real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver”    Mahatma Gandhi


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