Did you know that a swift (or swallow) cannot take off from a flat surface, hence if they land on the ground they are kinda shot! They require rapid airflow over their wings in order to get lift, therefore they need to drop first before taking flight. The hare has a unique method of getting through tough food supply times, by eating its own “poo”, and therefore recycling the nutrients passed during the first round. It passes soft dung during the day, which helps the process… That a hen drinks, but doesn’t urinate? A bumble bee flies by reducing its gravitational pull. Thomas T Brown explains that gravitational pull is a linear positive/negative alignment (north to south) of an electron’s charge. This pull is compromised by an added electrical charge. When the bumble bee vibrates his wings, air flows over the hairs on his body and creates a static electrical charge ( just like rubbing a balloon on your head hair) and slightly relieves the dear bee of its gravitational pull, or weight! and so off he wanders..  A duck cannot back, and my dear uncle Ben told me several times that as a young man, many years back, he would catch ducks for the table, by making a narrow ramp downwards in the ground, and put peas in the end of it. Along came the unsuspecting duck who wandered down the ramp for the free feed , and ended up providing food for the Austin family during the great depression!  Also, a frog completely sheds its skin about once a week. After performing this task, it generally recycles as well, by eating the old skin… And, speaking of eating, if you fill the oil sump on your car with water (because its easier and cheaper), you would expect major problems with your motor. If you fill your digestive system with processed, chemical containing and nutrient deficient food, you will experience issues and ill-health. Recently I was told by a food supplier that there is no difference between chemical mass-produced vegetables and fruit, and conventionally grown produce. I point to the food source of the bee, pollen, which keeps the wonderful workers alive during winter. It is now made by a laboratory, synthetically, to exactly the same recipe as the bees. When the bees are fed this new man-made brew, they die…

“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms. ”                                                                           George Eliot

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