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Here’s some real handy hints from Lucas, our in store science whiz, who intends to fly to Mars on an Elon Musk expedition!! wow, exciting, and with this young genius at the helm, Lucas will be a house hold name shortly! Here’s some of his hints

To make a splinter draw cream, simply use BAKING POWDER, with a couple of drops of colloidal silver optional, and mix it  with ALOE VERA gel, apply to site and band-aid over. Leave for 12 or so hrs, job done! (Baking powder can be replaced with Epsom salts)

Broken bones? Comfrey leaves, made into a poultice and applied to injury, lessen pain and dramatically speed up healing process. Taking internally, either chopped into salads, stir-fries, patties or drunk as a tea, will greatly help with all indigestion issues.

Apple cider vinegar eye wash for cataracts, put 1/4 tsp with 100mls distilled water and place 2-3 drops in each eye. Repeat 2-3 times daily, keeping eyelids closed for 5 mins.

As a great garden fertilizer, spray 1 pt seawater, to 10 parts freshwater, and spray on foliage and ground. Use around every 10 days, and remember, like a good wine or beer, a little is good, heavy doses will come back and bite you…  As an insecticide, spray 1 to 5 pts on foliage when, or before, attacks occur. Again, little is great, too much and the plants will suffer!

As a bathroom/kitchen cleaner, use 1 pt citric acid to10 pts water, spray the surfaces, leave a minute or so and wipe clean! Amazing results. Also use Citric acid to help keep your pH at 7.34, and relieve (even get rid) of gout.

”Let food be they medicine, and medicine be thy food”   HIPPOCRATES


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