Diatomaceous.jpgHeres on of my favourites! This week I was disappointed to hear DIATOMACEOUS EARTH likened to asbestos! There is no connection, as asbestos is carcinogenic, and will give you an early trip back to our maker, where diatomaceous may cause some lung issues (silicosis), it will only do if inhaled frequently for a period of time ( water will drown you rapidly if inhaled as well). I have yet to hear of anyone having respiratory issues because of using Diatomaceous for the vast array of uses it has, but “black lung” was a common illness from silica (bound in coal dust) inhaled by coal miners back a while, when safety precautions weren’t in place. I have quarried, and used diatomaceous in stock and soil products for over 20 years, sold it to people with fantastic feedback for health benefits, and drink it myself as well as using it as an ant barrier and cockroach deterrent. The positive uses, if used sensibly, are amazing, and this guy deserves a place in every home! It’s interesting that 59% of the earths crust is silica, and 95% of minerals contain it as well.

Diatomaceous earth is a great way to detox your body, and at the same time replenish vital minerals. It controls both internal and external parasites by internally cutting the parasite when it ingests the silica, which is really a very, very small form of glass.  By taking this mighty fine powder, you remove toxins and heavy metals from your body  (as the silica binds onto these, and flushes them out! ).  Stock will actively seek out the diatomaceous earth and eat, or rub against it, as a natural worming / insecticide and health tonic . It can be rubbed onto fur coats, added to chook food, and taken internally by us to carry out this operation.  Add it to shampoos for lice control. It is completely safe to use! Take one to three teaspoons twice daily for a week, and drink plenty of water. If you are pregnant, consult your medical professional first. You can dust plants for pest control, create non-toxic ant barriers, general insect control and add to the soil as a plant health remedy.

Call into NOURISH HEALTH FOOD STORE at Tewantin Plaza and find out more !

We hope that when the insects take over the world, they will remember with graditude how we took them along on all our picnics ”     Bill Vaughan

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