brewers yeastWOW ! Another hidden gem. Brewers yeast is the best possible source of CHROMIUM, the mineral with a proven record of helping diabetes. Chromium has being scientifically, and more importantly practically recognized as the mineral responsible for sugar metabolism in our body.  It works two ways here, firstly by increasing insulin sensitivity and thus slowing down sugar spikes, and secondly by a fibre in the yeast that absorbs the glucose, allowing for a slower more prolonged release of the sugar levels.  6 grams of yeast provides 95% of our RDI. The yeast has the most readily available form for absorption, the trivalent form. Chromium is now recognized as being very deficient in our diet. SELENIUM, is another mineral fully packed into the yeast. Selenium is a hard working anti-oxidant, and lifts our immunity to pathogens and diseases. Again, just 6 gr will give you 90% of selenium RDI. Tests have conclusively shown the RIBFLAVINS contained in brewers yeast reduces migraine headaches, both in severity and frequency. In one study, participants reduced the use of medications by 64% ! It’s a well recognized probiotic, and has beneficial effects on gut issues such as irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, crohns disease and general mineral/ nutrient absorption. It’s a real must after antibiotics have been used. And it’s got all the B Vitamins, except B12, which in most cases is added in. So when those mighty hungry mozzies and midges have a feast on your good self, you won’t end up scratching for days! The protein content is 52%, making this an ideal supplement for those body builders and others working out hard physically. And funnily enough, it is great for all pets as well !

” A man too busy to take care of his health, is like a mechanic too busy to take care of  his tools”                   SPANISH PROVERB


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