Old technology is once again coming into the limelight, and getting much deserved recognition (thank goodness !). The ORGON ACCUMULATOR, designed by one of our greatest health pioneers, Wilheim Reich, sits outside NOURISH HEALTH FOOD STORE for free 24/7 usage. And after 2 and a half years has had a lot of work!! The accumulator is a device that amplifies orgon/ etheric/ chi/ prana energy, and is said to help with all sorts of ailments and health issues. Wilheim believed the orgon energy is the energy that converts in-organic material into organic life form. It certainly has many happy users, who have recieved a wide range of benefits from Wilheims little known machine. Racing legend PETER BROCK had an “Energy Polarizer” fitted to his HDT race cars, and publicly claimed it improved performance and handling by “aligning the molecules” using orgon energy. British songwriter and singer KATE BUSH wrote her hit “Cloudbuster” about our legend and his work, and in JACK KEROUAC’S well known novel ”On the road”, the accumulator was treated as more of a drug than a medicine!  Call in to NOURISH HEALTH FOOD STORE in Tewantin Plaza, and ask our friendly staff for more info, or just test ride the machine any time you wish!

”Life is like a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving”  Albert Einstein


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