Welcome, multi-talented DAVID!

David Wareing pic.jpgWOW! We are so happy to announce that DAVID WAREING (DIP RM, DIP CST) has joined the team at NOURISH HEALTH FOOD STORE, Tewantin Plaza. David graduated from Nature Care College in Sydney, and brings with him a raft of modalities for bringing back your personal health and well -being. He specializes in massage, for sports remedial and relaxation, and as a bonus David is well versed in cupping, reflexology and trigger points! Craniosacral is another modality of David’s, where he gently releases tension from soft tissue, helps with emotional stress, improves nerve and blood functions, and even carries out regressions. Ask for David, who is available by appointment at NOURISH HEALTH FOOD STORE, or call the shop on 54556664 to reserve your wonderful personal treatment.  

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but about learning to dance in the rain”   Unknown

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