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To cleanse your fruit and veges from any possible heavy metal contaminants incurred through growing and harvesting/ storage processes, just put your goodies in a water container, sprinkle a teaspoon of ZEOLITE  powder over, and leave to soak for 5 mins. When times up, drain the water and wipe clean. Make sure the goodies are dry before storing. This works well for all produce except OINIONS and GARLIC. It’s also reported that flavour is enhanced through this.  And another hint, add to your pets water dish, every 3 or so days, and watch their coat “bloom”. Also, as zeolite bonds very strongly onto ammonia, it reduces urine odour, and those pesky stains on your lawn!  Can be spread in chicken coops, bird cages and rabbit pens etc for desired effect.

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The broccoli says ‘I look like a small tree’, the mushroom says ‘I look like an umbrella’, the walnut says ‘I look like a brain’, and the banana says ‘Can we please change the subject?’ Anonymous











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omega 3 .jpgThe much talked about Medical Medium, Antony William, has strongly endorsed this ALGAE OIL OMEGA 3, from Free Spirit, and rightly so! And why? Because this form is the most concentrated, and in the most readily available form for absorption by our body – DHA and EPA. Fish get their omega 3 from eating the algae, this product bypasses that process, and with zero loss of the potency. Plant based omega 3’s are ALA , which then have to be converted into DHA and EPA form, losing some potency in the process. This form is free of fish, animal products, GMO’s, wheat, gluten, sugars, preservatives, lactose and lots more…  Call into NOURISH HEALTH FOOD STORE and ask our great team more about why Antony William and many others so love the Free Spirit ALGAE OIL!

“Life is like photography. You need the negatives to develop.” – Unknown




Man alive, are these a cool marvel of history! Found in Peru, these geoglyphs are itched into the landscape, and measure between .4 to 1.1 km across. They are thought to have been made somewhere between 500 bc to 500 ad (by carbon dating). Their purpose is widely debated, but they appear to be linked with celestial positions, including the winter solstice. They consist of lots of straight lines, and over 70 of life forms, with unbroken lines. They are best viewed from a height of 1500 ft above! And now we have these cool pictures in stone form at NOURISH HEALTH FOOD STORE, TEWANTIN PLAZA, first lot selling out within hours of arriving.

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“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, or worn. It is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace & gratitude.” – Denis Waitley

Welcome, multi-talented DAVID!

David Wareing pic.jpgWOW! We are so happy to announce that DAVID WAREING (DIP RM, DIP CST) has joined the team at NOURISH HEALTH FOOD STORE, Tewantin Plaza. David graduated from Nature Care College in Sydney, and brings with him a raft of modalities for bringing back your personal health and well -being. He specializes in massage, for sports remedial and relaxation, and as a bonus David is well versed in cupping, reflexology and trigger points! Craniosacral is another modality of David’s, where he gently releases tension from soft tissue, helps with emotional stress, improves nerve and blood functions, and even carries out regressions. Ask for David, who is available by appointment at NOURISH HEALTH FOOD STORE, or call the shop on 54556664 to reserve your wonderful personal treatment.  

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but about learning to dance in the rain”   Unknown



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These three great detox and wellbeing natural earth products are very similar in many respects, but unique in their abilities.

BENTONITE is a clay, and is formed from volcanic ash that has been trapped in an old evaporated seabed. It contains an abundance of minerals, including calcium, magnesium, silica, copper, iron, sodium and potassium. It has a neg charge, which attracts it to heavy metal toxins, and free radicals. These are then “flushed” from the body. Stock, especially sheep on our farm during drought times, will source out and eat the clay for wellbeing. It is also very popular as a face mask, replenishing tired and worn skin. Can be spread in cat litter to absorb odour, ponds as a sealant, and used in industrial cleaners. It has a CEC of approx. 80

DIATOMACEOUS EARTH is from a single celled life form called diatom, which is supposedly the first form of life on terra nova. It has been replaced with a highly neg charged silica content (approx. 90%), which is basically very small shards of glass. This is great for attracting heavy metals and flushing them from our body, and also for destroying internal parasites like worms and their larvae, and also external parasites such as lice and fleas. It will travel around the grease in animals cloaks, bind to the parasite and destroy the pest by “cutting” the internals or dissolving the crustaceous shell. Hens, sheep and cattle will seek out diatomaceous earth and rub against it, or ingest it for internal parasites. Uses also extend to ant control, helping keep the little guys at bay when they want to come inside! It doesn’t contain much value as mineral content (apart from silica). It’s function is quite specific, eradicate heavy metals and internal – external parasites. Its CEC ranges approx. around 35-40

ZEOLITE is also formed from volcanic ash, and has an absolutely amazing binding ability. It has a Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) of 120! which is as high as one can go. That means it has a greater ability than the other two, to bind and remove toxins. It does contain some mineralization (calcium, magnesium, potassium and silica) but it’s best role is that of toxin removal. For this it’s #1. It’s used in mines, agriculture and commercially for pollution and heavy metal control. It is mainly ingested for toxin / heavy metal removal.

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