Did you know that a swift (or swallow) cannot take off from a flat surface, hence if they land on the ground they are kinda shot! They require rapid airflow over their wings in order to get lift, therefore they need to drop first before taking flight. The hare has a unique method of getting through tough food supply times, by eating its own “poo”, and therefore recycling the nutrients passed during the first round. It passes soft dung during the day, which helps the process… That a hen drinks, but doesn’t urinate? A bumble bee flies by reducing its gravitational pull. Thomas T Brown explains that gravitational pull is a linear positive/negative alignment (north to south) of an electron’s charge. This pull is compromised by an added electrical charge. When the bumble bee vibrates his wings, air flows over the hairs on his body and creates a static electrical charge ( just like rubbing a balloon on your head hair) and slightly relieves the dear bee of its gravitational pull, or weight! and so off he wanders..  A duck cannot back, and my dear uncle Ben told me several times that as a young man, many years back, he would catch ducks for the table, by making a narrow ramp downwards in the ground, and put peas in the end of it. Along came the unsuspecting duck who wandered down the ramp for the free feed , and ended up providing food for the Austin family during the great depression!  Also, a frog completely sheds its skin about once a week. After performing this task, it generally recycles as well, by eating the old skin… And, speaking of eating, if you fill the oil sump on your car with water (because its easier and cheaper), you would expect major problems with your motor. If you fill your digestive system with processed, chemical containing and nutrient deficient food, you will experience issues and ill-health. Recently I was told by a food supplier that there is no difference between chemical mass-produced vegetables and fruit, and conventionally grown produce. I point to the food source of the bee, pollen, which keeps the wonderful workers alive during winter. It is now made by a laboratory, synthetically, to exactly the same recipe as the bees. When the bees are fed this new man-made brew, they die…

“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms. ”                                                                           George Eliot

What a BEAUTY !! MCT oil

mct (2).JPGThis guy is a really underrated energy booster, and valuable tool for those seeking more energy, along with excellent health benefits. In short, medium chained triglycerides are short strings of carbon and hydrogen. The medium length combination of the coconut derived oil means it is far easier for the body to assimilate the fatty acids. It is rapidly taken to the liver, where it’s converted into ketones, which in turn fuel the brain and the muscles for optimum performance.  The fatty acids are a much more efficient, and safe form, of energy conversion than the usual sugar and carbohydrates. The three MCT acids are rapidly converted to energy, and are great for folk with digestive issue, as they require virtually no effort to digest or absorb. Along with the impressive energy boost, the MCT acts as a strong antioxidant, fighting free radical damage and restoring damaged cells. It is particularly useful at repairing brain cells, and is well-recognized at helping with stress relief. Other recognized benefits include the control of the Candida yeast, and other fungal pathogens, improved memory and general alertness, improved lipid and skin moisture, great for those who have crohns disease, or have had their gallbladder removed, and heart health. This will fit well into the young atheletes programme, as well as those of us reaching my tender age… as a really great natural product to get us on top of our game. Come in and see the awesome team at NOURISH HEALTH FOOD STORE (Tewantin Plaza) and chat about this excellent big player in health





These simple gifts from nature simply transform the energy, wellbeing and health of a home. Fantastic for those with asthma and allergies. They work by attracting “moist toxin laden” molecules ( laden with smoke, dirt, pollen, bacterium, fungi, pathogens and lots of other forms carried in water vapor) from the air. The heat from the bulb then dries out this molecule, and the Gaia given gift of salt is used to neutralize the effects. The warm lamp also releases negative ions, which in turn has wonderful health benefits for our physical, and soul, being. Check out the large range, at unbeatable prices, now at NOURISH HEALTH FOOD STORE, TEWANTIN Plaza

“Water is life, and clean water means health”      Audrey Hepburn


MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL !! And great health to you

shop detox xmas.jpg

Treat yourself special this CHRISTMAS, and enjoy a fun filled and healthy time ! And don’t forget to treat your health as well… This is a great time to do a gentle, or full on detox. Its also a time when many need the “pick me up” tonic, and we have lots of options for all aspects of health fitness NATURALLY, from diatomaceous and bentonite heavy metal removals, to Vitamin, nutrient and mineral replenishment for our tired and hard worked body and mind. Come in and talk to our experts – Sue, Alison (naturopath) and Pete, and get what you require to effectively, and economically, get you back on your feet and running full noise again!! And don’t forget our wonderful in-store clairvoyant Kathy McVann, who helps so many with her amazing gift.  Salt lamps galore, crystals, cool new clothing, new and pre-loved books, incense, organic food/ grocery items, proteins, personal and house care products and many more amazing surprises instore.

“It is health that is real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver”    Mahatma Gandhi





WOW, made right here in Queensland, this new family owned and made product is just the berries. It’s completely clean, with no-nonsense added. Just good old NATURAL ACETIC ACID (food acid), 100% ESSENTIAL OILS, and COCO BETAIN (surfactant made from coconuts).  And as with all new products, before we take on board, Sue (and some great friends) gives them the big trail at home. These guys come out massive winners, so now they are on the NOURISH HEALTH FOOD STORE shelf. And the bonus is, buy one product ( there is 8 in their range), and go in to win a FULL HAMPER OF “MY HABITAT” GOODIES !! These products were developed by researching what people used before the dynasty of petro-chemicals filled our cupboards, and doctors waiting rooms with ill people. The return to basics has not compromised any efficiency in the effectiveness of hygiene, and has given us a totally unique and safe to use product, both on beings and the environment!! Did you know the average household cleaners contain some, or all, of the following?? Chlorine, phenols, petroleum distillates, ammonium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, formaldehyde, sodium laurel sulphate, sodium hypochlorite, methoxychlor, naphthaline, trichloroethane… and more.. Why are these ingredients not advertised as selling points, and why are they in small print on the back?? Goes without saying…. Anyway, here is a really cost-effective, competitive and natural product that will be all you will ever want and need. Well done to KIM and GORDON, for creating such a fantastic product for our wellbeing.

” Behold the turtle, for he makes progress only when he sticks his neck out” 

James Conant

Tuesdays with MORRIE


MORRIE (2).jpg

I have read a lot of books over the years, some are hard yakka, and some are just golden, leaving lasting memories. “Tuesdays with Morrie” is one of those golden, very moving, life changing books. It is about a student who goes back to see his college professor some 20 years after graduating, only to find that Morrie is on his exit out of this world. The author, Mitch, returns each Tuesday to be mentored unexpectedly, my his former college tutor, on life insights and wisdom. This easy to read life lesson is very hard to put down, and encompasses the best of all walks of people’s’ ways of seeing the world. Morrie will leave a last impression on the reader, resulting in a “better” you!! – if that’s’ possible…. We have a limited supply of this ripper at NOURISH HEALTH FOOD STORE, Tewantin Plaza

“I love this book ….. a true story that shines and leaves you forever warmed by its afterglow”       AMY TAN



Come into NOURISH HEALTH FOOD STORE, TEWANTIN PLAZA, and check out our great line up of new and pre-loved books, on lots of cool subjects. Music cd’s also instore, along with a great range of CHRISTMAS gift ideas ! And our special range of non-chemical and natural sourced food and health products. And of course, Alison, our instore NATUROPATH, and Bec Britton, our INTUITIVE MASSAGE and REIKI specialist. We may be a small family business, but we take our product range, and fantastic health very seriously. Check out the “chill out” nook for a relaxing breather

“A good book is the precious lifeblood of a master spirit”  Francis Bacon

IMPORTANT IMFORMATION RE YOUR CHOICE TO HEALTH CARE ! Health fund rebate SCANDAL The Government is banning Private Insurance health fund rebates for complementary medicine practitioners As a registered Naturopath it has been brought to my attention the blatant new policy that has been passed by our government recently to BAN health fund rebates for Naturopathy and other complementary medicine practitioners. This Government BAN commences 1/4/19. Some insurance companies are starting this BAN 1/1/19. This iron fist to stamp out complementary medicine is not going to work in Australia. We are smarter than the Government think we are. This BAN has been pushed through by big pharma, who control our Government policies (currently). Big Pharma does not want complementary medicine practitioners to be the preferred health course people take. We need to back lash this policy. Talk to your local members of parliament to take some action. I have watched over the years how orthodox medicine has looked over the fence into complementary medicine fields to see how our philosophies work. We now have orthodox medicine using our ideas and presenting them to the ‘world’ as new ways they have just discovered that improve health outcomes. For example, offering nutrition or exercise advice for obesity and mental health. GPs offer six monthly or yearly health check ups to check in with patient’s overall wellbeing. This is what we do as Naturopaths at EVERY consultation. Big Pharma looks to homeopathy for answers too. Big pharma has recently announced a new treatment for high blood pressure patients that involves taking very small doses (like homeopathy) of several BP medications combined, that offer a very good outcome (with no side effects), as opposed to their old views of just upping a dosage or doubling medications (with too many side effects). I’m feeling Big Pharma want to take over our complementary medicine fields, re-naming and re-packaging them for their own greed and power. What does this mean for the complementary medicine industry? Our registration bodies, mine being Australian Traditional Medicine Society and others will no longer be required. The continuing education points registered practitioners need to maintain yearly will no longer be offered, as our educational system will fail to thrive. Some colleges have closed their doors already. Complementary medicine insurance providers will no longer be required. Employment for complementary medicine industry may dissolve over night unless we fight for our rightful place in your community. For myself, I will continue to offer Naturopathy care for my community, with or without Government legislation. It is my duty. I’m certainly looking forward to the coming elections. Alison Simpson, Naturopath at Nourish Health Food Store, Tewantin : 0487 345774



It’s amazing to watch the sun come up, then go down. But does it really happen, or is this just an illusion, as really, the sun is a stationary object, and doesn’t move at all. We revolve around it!! Peoples perception of truth, or near truth, is so different to each others reality. I’m reading a book on indigenous history, and it explains how a NSW community kept their history alive for thousands of years by having 4 story tellers for each event, each with a shadow teller. As the history is told, each of the four entrusted tellers has to be present, and recall different parts of the event. This way, the history is checked four times over for accuracy ! So different to the Chinese whisper… I have been reading about Christopher Columbus recently, who I was taught was a hero who discovered America. So what about the inhabitants who were already there, and Viking Eriksson 500 years before? And did he really get to the mainland, or just sail around the Caribbean? And even worse, what about his human rights record (cutting people’s hands off for not gathering enough gold for him)??   We all believe what we think is correct (and usually taught to us at a young age), but sometimes experience teaches us different, and we have to “about tach”. This is growth. Health is similar. Disease, like weeds on our farm and garden, is an indicator something is out of kilter. Nature doesn’t lie. If we get to the source, then the fixing of the disease becomes a lot simpler.  We get asked regularly what supplements we take, and what benefit  can natural food have over chemical food? For Sue and I, the proof is in our health turn-around, and the fact we haven’t  been to Doctor for 20 years, except for broken bones (me), and workplace medical requirements. That’s our truth.  As for suppliments, we take Epsom salts ( for magnesium and Sulphur), and boron, for bone health. The rest comes from our healthy, beautiful growers at the farmers markets, who supply wholesome, chemical free food for our bodies delight!

“Give man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Give him a fishing rod, and he will eat forever..”




The world currently grows enough food for approx. 11 billion people, with a current pop. of nearly 8 billion. The rest is wasted, or in most cases dumped to keep the supply/ demand system of pricing in place. Just look at Australia’s tomatoes and strawberry issues this year, fruit storage centre’s and grain dumping used to keep inflated prices, to verify this statistic. Not to mention the only 30% usable yield from commercial vegetable production, and the domestic throw-out of ”scraps”. The issue of glyphosphate is very emotional for many, and having had organophosphate poisoning through my own farming practices, I am able to appreciate the implications of the toxins we put into our bodies first hand ( I poisoned myself through lack of responsibility, and ignorance at the time). However, I don’t carry a crusade against the issue, as I feel the best form of defence is firstly some knowledge, then careful choosing of your food suppliers (for what you can’t grow yourself). Get to know your grower of healthy spray/ synthetic fertilizer  free veges by buying from them direct at your local farmer market. Sue and I so love catching up with our growers each week.  Choose local bee products. Support your local dairy farmer i.e  The GRATEFUL COW Co, and CLEOPATRA’S Bath milk, who stood up to the big chain stores and provide a fantastic healthy option. Grow silverbeet, strawberries, peppers etc in pots , if you don’t have a garden. Use seawater ( 1pt to 5pts fresh water as an insecticide, 1pt to 10pts freshwater as a fertilizer) on your plants. Use any household scraps, lawn clippings etc to make as much compost as possible ( 1pt brown to 3pts green is a good ratio).  Get animal manure, blood and bone, and dolomite to add to garden and compost. Sugar, or powdered molasses will feed biology in both garden and compost. Use vinegar and salt as herbicides, or even hand weed for compost, or just hoe in your garden. Also just as important as what you put in your body, is who you “hang out” with externally. Choose positive, fun friends to spend time with, and share laughter. Get outside walking. Get sun on your skin. Breathe in the fresh air provide by Gaia for free! And then the big legal rich making, arguments around proof, science, who’s right, who’s wrong, you can safely use, you can’t use because it’s law, it doesn’t harm you, we cant grow food without it, and all the other nonsense  won’t matter any more – remember DDT…..The choice is firmly in our own hands ! We don’t need laws to tell us what we can or cannot put in our body. Vote with your feet. And like our picture bloke, relax….

The choice is firmly in our own hands ! We don’t need laws to tell us what we can or cannot put in our body. Vote with your feet.